October 24 All Events

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October 24th, 2069 (October 24 2069)EventSecond Battle of Bedriacum, forces under Antonius Primus, the commander of the Danube armies, loyal to Vespasian, defeat the forces of Emperor Vitellius.
October 24th, 2051 (October 24 2051)BirthDomitian, Roman Emperor (died in 96)
October 24th, 2007 (October 24 2007)DeathPetr Eben, Czech organ composer (born in 1929)
October 24th, 2007 (October 24 2007)DeathAlisher Saipov, Kyrgyz journalist
October 24th, 2007 (October 24 2007)DeathIan Middleton, New Zealand novelist (born in 1928)
October 24th, 2006 (October 24 2006)EventJustice Rutherford of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down the "motive clause", an important part of the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act.
October 24th, 2006 (October 24 2006)DeathEnolia McMillan, American civil rights activist (born in 1904)
October 24th, 2006 (October 24 2006)DeathWilliam Montgomery Watt, Islamic studies scholar, orientalist and historian (born in 1909)
October 24th, 2005 (October 24 2005)DeathJose Azcona del Hoyo, President of Honduras (born in 1926)
October 24th, 2005 (October 24 2005)DeathRobert Sloman, writer (born in 1926)
October 24th, 2005 (October 24 2005)DeathRosa Parks, American civil rights activist (born in 1913)
October 24th, 2005 (October 24 2005)DeathImmanuel C.Y. Hsu, scholar of modern Chinese intellectual and diplomatic history (born in 1923)
October 24th, 2005 (October 24 2005)DeathMokarrameh Ghanbari, Iranian painter (born in 1928)
October 24th, 2004 (October 24 2004)Event10 people, including 4 family members of Rick Hendrick, are killed in a plane crash near Martinsville Speedway. The plane was owned by NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports. There were no survivors.
October 24th, 2004 (October 24 2004)DeathRandy Dorton, American race car crew member (born in 1954)
October 24th, 2004 (October 24 2004)DeathRicky Hendrick, American race car team owner (born in 1980)
October 24th, 2004 (October 24 2004)DeathJames Cardinal Hickey, American Catholic archbishop (born in 1920)
October 24th, 2003 (October 24 2003)EventConcorde makes its last commercial flight.
October 24th, 2003 (October 24 2003)DeathRosie Nix Adams, Stepdaughter of Johnny Cash (born in 1958)Johnny Cash Quotes
October 24th, 2002 (October 24 2002)EventPolice arrest spree killers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, ending the Beltway sniper attacks in the area around Washington, DC.
October 24th, 2002 (October 24 2002)DeathHerman Gaviria, Colombian football player (born in 1969)
October 24th, 2002 (October 24 2002)DeathWinton M. Blount, United States Postmaster General (born in 1921)
October 24th, 2002 (October 24 2002)DeathHarry Hay, American activist (born in 1912)
October 24th, 2001 (October 24 2001)DeathWolf Rudiger Hess, German neo-Nazi (born in 1937)
October 24th, 1998 (October 24 1998)EventLaunch of Deep Space 1 comet/asteroid mission
October 24th, 1997 (October 24 1997)DeathDon Messick, American voice actor (born in 1926)
October 24th, 1995 (October 24 1995)EventA total solar eclipse is visible from Iran, India, Thailand, and SE Asia. [2]
October 24th, 1994 (October 24 1994)DeathRaul Julia, Puerto Rican actor (born in 1940)
October 24th, 1991 (October 24 1991)DeathGene Roddenberry, American television producer (born in 1921)Gene Roddenberry Quotes
October 24th, 1990 (October 24 1990)EventItalian prime minister Giulio Andreotti reveals to the Italian parliament the existence of Gladio, the Italian "stay-behind" clandestine paramilitary NATO army.
October 24th, 1989 (October 24 1989)BirthEliza Taylor-Cotter, Australian actress
October 24th, 1987 (October 24 1987)BirthCharlie White, American ice dancer
October 24th, 1987 (October 24 1987)BirthAnthony Vanden Borre, Belgian footballer
October 24th, 1987 (October 24 1987)BirthLincoln Lewis, Australian actor
October 24th, 1986 (October 24 1986)EventNezar Hindawi is sentenced to 45 years in prison, the longest sentence handed down by a British court, for the attempted bombing on an El Al flight at Heathrow. After the verdict, the United Kingdom breaks diplomatic relations with Syria, claiming that Hindawi was helped by Syrian officials.
October 24th, 1986 (October 24 1986)BirthAubrey Graham, Canadian actor and rapper
October 24th, 1986 (October 24 1986)BirthJohn Ruddy, English footballer
October 24th, 1985 (October 24 1985)BirthWayne Rooney, English footballer
October 24th, 1985 (October 24 1985)DeathMaurice Roy, Archbishop of Quebec, (born in 1905)
October 24th, 1984 (October 24 1984)BirthKaela Kimura, Japanese model and singer
October 24th, 1983 (October 24 1983)BirthBrian Vickers, American race car driver
October 24th, 1983 (October 24 1983)BirthAdrienne Bailon, American actress and singer
October 24th, 1983 (October 24 1983)BirthKeyshia Cole, American singer
October 24th, 1982 (October 24 1982)BirthMohamed Fairuz Fauzy, Malaysian racing driver
October 24th, 1982 (October 24 1982)BirthMacay McBride, American baseball player
October 24th, 1981 (October 24 1981)BirthMallika Sherawat, Indian actress
October 24th, 1981 (October 24 1981)BirthTila Tequila, American model
October 24th, 1980 (October 24 1980)EventGovernment of Poland legalizes Solidarity trade union
October 24th, 1980 (October 24 1980)BirthJames Killian, American football player
October 24th, 1980 (October 24 1980)BirthMonica, American singer
October 24th, 1980 (October 24 1980)BirthMatthew Amoah, Ghanaian footballer
October 24th, 1980 (October 24 1980)BirthZac Posen, American fashion designer
October 24th, 1979 (October 24 1979)BirthBen Gillies, Australian musician (Silverchair)
October 24th, 1978 (October 24 1978)BirthCarlos Edwards, Trinidadian footballer
October 24th, 1978 (October 24 1978)BirthJustin Lee Brannan, American musician
October 24th, 1977 (October 24 1977)EventVeterans Day is observed on the fourth Monday in October for the seventh and last time. (The holiday is once again observed on November 11 beginning the following year.)
October 24th, 1977 (October 24 1977)BirthIvan Kaviedes, Ecuadoran footballer
October 24th, 1976 (October 24 1976)BirthPetar Stoychev, Bulgarian swimmer
October 24th, 1975 (October 24 1975)BirthJuan Pablo Angel, Colombian footballer
October 24th, 1975 (October 24 1975)DeathZdzislaw Zygulski, Sr., Polish literary historian (born in 1888)
October 24th, 1974 (October 24 1974)BirthWilton Guerrero, Dominican baseball player
October 24th, 1974 (October 24 1974)BirthCorey Dillon, American football player
October 24th, 1974 (October 24 1974)BirthJamal Mayers, Professional Hockey Player
October 24th, 1974 (October 24 1974)DeathDavid Oistrakh, Ukrainian violinist (born in 1908)
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)EventYom Kippur War ends
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)BirthLevi Leipheimer, American cyclist
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)BirthMadlib, American musician and rapper
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)BirthMike Matthews, American baseball player
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)BirthJackie McNamara, Scottish footballer
October 24th, 1973 (October 24 1973)BirthJeff Wilson, New Zealand rugby player/Cricketer
October 24th, 1972 (October 24 1972)BirthKim Ji-soo, South Korean actress
October 24th, 1972 (October 24 1972)BirthScott Peterson, American murderer
October 24th, 1972 (October 24 1972)BirthPat Williams, American football player
October 24th, 1972 (October 24 1972)DeathJackie Robinson, American baseball player, and the first black player in Major League Baseball (born in 1919)
October 24th, 1972 (October 24 1972)DeathClaire Windsor, American actress (born in 1897)
October 24th, 1971 (October 24 1971)BirthDervla Kirwan, Irish actress
October 24th, 1971 (October 24 1971)BirthCaprice Bourret, American model and actress
October 24th, 1971 (October 24 1971)DeathCarl Ruggles, American composer (born in 1876)
October 24th, 1970 (October 24 1970)BirthRob Leslie-Carter, British Engineer and Project Manager
October 24th, 1969 (October 24 1969)BirthAdela Noriega, Mexican actress
October 24th, 1968 (October 24 1968)BirthRobert Wilonsky, American journalist
October 24th, 1967 (October 24 1967)BirthJacqueline McKenzie, Australian actress
October 24th, 1966 (October 24 1966)BirthRoman Abramovich, Russian oil magnate
October 24th, 1966 (October 24 1966)DeathSofya Yanovskaya, Russian mathematician (born in 1896)
October 24th, 1965 (October 24 1965)BirthKyriakos Velopoulos, Greek politician
October 24th, 1964 (October 24 1964)EventNorthern Rhodesia gains independence from the United Kingdom and becomes the Republic of Zambia (Southern Rhodesia remained a colony)
October 24th, 1963 (October 24 1963)BirthJohn Hendrie, Scottish footballerJohn Scott Quotes
October 24th, 1962 (October 24 1962)BirthDave Blaney, American race car driver
October 24th, 1962 (October 24 1962)BirthJay Novacek, American football player
October 24th, 1961 (October 24 1961)BirthMary Bono, American politician Bono Quotes
October 24th, 1961 (October 24 1961)BirthDave Meltzer, American wrestling journalist
October 24th, 1960 (October 24 1960)EventNedelin catastrophe: An R-16 ballistic missile explodes on the launch pad at the Soviet Union s Baikonur Cosmodrome space facility, killing over 100. Among the dead is Field Marshall Mitrofan Nedelin, whose death is reported to have occurred in a plane crash
October 24th, 1960 (October 24 1960)BirthIan Baker-Finch, Australian golfer
October 24th, 1960 (October 24 1960)BirthB.D. Wong, American actor
October 24th, 1960 (October 24 1960)BirthJaime Garzon, Colombian journalist and comedian (died in 1999)
October 24th, 1960 (October 24 1960)BirthJoachim "Jo" Winkelhock, German race car driver
October 24th, 1957 (October 24 1957)EventThe USAF starts the X-20 Dyna-Soar program.
October 24th, 1957 (October 24 1957)BirthRon Gardenhire, German-born American baseball manager
October 24th, 1957 (October 24 1957)BirthJohn Kassir, American actor and comedian
October 24th, 1957 (October 24 1957)DeathChristian Dior, French fashion designer (born in 1905)
October 24th, 1956 (October 24 1956)BirthDale Maharidge, American author
October 24th, 1954 (October 24 1954)EventDwight D. Eisenhower pledges United States support to South VietnamDwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
October 24th, 1954 (October 24 1954)BirthBrad Sherman, American politician
October 24th, 1954 (October 24 1954)BirthThomas J. Mulcair, Quebec politician
October 24th, 1954 (October 24 1954)BirthMike Rounds, American politician
October 24th, 1954 (October 24 1954)BirthJozef Raz, Slovak musician
October 24th, 1950 (October 24 1950)BirthSteven Greenberg, American composer
October 24th, 1950 (October 24 1950)BirthRawly Eastwick, American baseball player
October 24th, 1949 (October 24 1949)BirthRobert Pickton, Canadian charged with the first degree murder of twenty-six women
October 24th, 1948 (October 24 1948)BirthPaul and Barry Ryan, British composers-singers
October 24th, 1948 (October 24 1948)BirthKweisi Mfume, American politician and activist
October 24th, 1948 (October 24 1948)DeathFranz Lehar, Austrian composer (born in 1870)
October 24th, 1947 (October 24 1947)EventWalt Disney testifies to the House Un-American Activities Committee, naming Disney employees he believes to be communists.Walt Disney Quotes
October 24th, 1947 (October 24 1947)BirthKevin Kline, American actorKevin Kline Quotes
October 24th, 1946 (October 24 1946)EventA camera on board the V-2 No. 13 rocket takes the first photograph of earth from outer space.
October 24th, 1946 (October 24 1946)BirthJerry Edmonton, Canadian drummer (died in 1993) (Steppenwolf)
October 24th, 1945 (October 24 1945)EventFounding of the United Nations
October 24th, 1945 (October 24 1945)BirthAnthony Christian, English artist
October 24th, 1945 (October 24 1945)BirthGerald Larose, Quebec labour union executive
October 24th, 1945 (October 24 1945)DeathVidkun Quisling, Norwegian soldier, politician and convicted traitor, by execution (born in 1887)
October 24th, 1944 (October 24 1944)EventWorld War II: The Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku, and the battleship Musashi are sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
October 24th, 1944 (October 24 1944)BirthViktor Prokopenko, Ukranian footballer and coach (died in 2007)
October 24th, 1944 (October 24 1944)DeathLouis Renault, French automobile manufacturer (born in 1877)
October 24th, 1943 (October 24 1943)DeathHector de Saint-Denys Garneau, French Canadian poet (born in 1912)
October 24th, 1941 (October 24 1941)BirthWilliam H. Dobelle, American biomedical engineer
October 24th, 1940 (October 24 1940)BirthMartin Campbell, New Zealand film director
October 24th, 1939 (October 24 1939)BirthF. Murray Abraham, American actor Abraham Quotes
October 24th, 1938 (October 24 1938)DeathErnst Barlach, German sculptor (born in 1870)
October 24th, 1937 (October 24 1937)BirthSanto Farina, American musician and composer (Santo & Johnny)
October 24th, 1936 (October 24 1936)BirthBill Wyman, English musician (The Rolling Stones)
October 24th, 1935 (October 24 1935)EventItaly invades Ethiopia
October 24th, 1935 (October 24 1935)BirthMalcolm Bilson, American pianist and music professor
October 24th, 1935 (October 24 1935)DeathDutch Schultz, American gangster (born in 1902)
October 24th, 1933 (October 24 1933)BirthRonald and Reginald Kray, British gangsters (Ronald died in 1995; Reginald died in 2000)
October 24th, 1933 (October 24 1933)BirthNorman Rush, American writer
October 24th, 1932 (October 24 1932)BirthPierre-Gilles de Gennes, French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 2007)
October 24th, 1932 (October 24 1932)BirthRobert Mundell, Canadian economist, Nobel Prize laureate
October 24th, 1931 (October 24 1931)EventThe George Washington Bridge opens to public traffic.George Washington Quotes
October 24th, 1931 (October 24 1931)BirthSofia Gubaidulina, Russian composer
October 24th, 1930 (October 24 1930)EventA bloodless coup d etat in Brazil ousts Washington Luis Pereira de Sousa, the last President of the First Republic. Getulio Dornelles Vargas is then installed as "provisional president."
October 24th, 1930 (October 24 1930)BirthThe Big Bopper, American singer (died in 1959)
October 24th, 1930 (October 24 1930)BirthJohan Galtung, Norwegian peace researcher
October 24th, 1930 (October 24 1930)BirthSultan Ahmad Shah, King of Malaysia
October 24th, 1929 (October 24 1929)Event"Black Thursday" stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange.
October 24th, 1929 (October 24 1929)BirthGeorge Crumb, American composer
October 24th, 1929 (October 24 1929)BirthYordan Radichkov, Bulgarian writer (died in 2004)
October 24th, 1929 (October 24 1929)BirthHubert Aquin, French-Canadian novelist and activist (died in 1977)
October 24th, 1927 (October 24 1927)BirthJean-Claude Pascal, French singer and actor (died in 1992)
October 24th, 1927 (October 24 1927)BirthGilbert Becaud, French composer and actor (died in 2001)
October 24th, 1926 (October 24 1926)EventHarry Houdini s last performance, which was at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.Harry Houdini Quotes
October 24th, 1926 (October 24 1926)BirthY. A. Tittle, American football player
October 24th, 1926 (October 24 1926)BirthRafael Azcona, Spanish screenwriter (died in 2008)
October 24th, 1925 (October 24 1925)BirthLuciano Berio, Italian composer (died in 2003)Luciano Berio Quotes
October 24th, 1923 (October 24 1923)BirthDenise Levertov, English-born poet (died in 1997)Denise Levertov Quotes
October 24th, 1922 (October 24 1922)DeathGeorge Cadbury, British chocolate and cocoa manufacturer (born in 1839)
October 24th, 1920 (October 24 1920)BirthMarcel-Paul Schutzenberger, French mathematician (died in 1996)
October 24th, 1919 (October 24 1919)BirthFrank Piasecki, American aeronautical engineer (died in 2008)
October 24th, 1917 (October 24 1917)EventBattle of Caporetto starts on the Austro-Italian front of World War I
October 24th, 1917 (October 24 1917)EventThe day of the October revolution, The Red Revolution.
October 24th, 1915 (October 24 1915)BirthBob Kane, American cartoonist (died in 1998)
October 24th, 1915 (October 24 1915)BirthRoger Milliken, American millionaire
October 24th, 1915 (October 24 1915)BirthMarghanita Laski, British Journalist and Novelist(died in 1988)
October 24th, 1915 (October 24 1915)DeathDesire Charnay, French archaeologist (born in 1828)
October 24th, 1913 (October 24 1913)BirthTito Gobbi, Italian baritone (died in 1984)
October 24th, 1912 (October 24 1912)EventFirst Balkan War: The Battle of Kumanovo concludes with the Serbian victory.
October 24th, 1912 (October 24 1912)DeathMykola Lysenko, Ukrainian composer (born in 1842)
October 24th, 1911 (October 24 1911)EventOrville Wright remained in the air 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a glider at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina setting a new world record that stood for 10 years. [1]
October 24th, 1911 (October 24 1911)BirthSonny Terry, American blues musician (died in 1986)
October 24th, 1911 (October 24 1911)BirthPaul Gregoire, French Canadian archbishop of Montreal (died in 1993)
October 24th, 1909 (October 24 1909)BirthBill Carr, American athlete (died in 1966)
October 24th, 1906 (October 24 1906)BirthAlexander Gelfond, Russian mathematician (died in 1968)
October 24th, 1904 (October 24 1904)BirthMoss Hart, American dramatist (died in 1961)
October 24th, 1903 (October 24 1903)BirthMelvin Purvis, American FBI agent (died in 1960)
October 24th, 1901 (October 24 1901)EventAnnie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.Ann Taylor Quotes
October 24th, 1901 (October 24 1901)BirthGilda Gray, Polish-born American actress and dancer (died in 1959)
October 24th, 1898 (October 24 1898)DeathPierre Puvis de Chavannes, French painter (born in 1824)
October 24th, 1896 (October 24 1896)BirthJack Warner, English actor (died in 1981)
October 24th, 1894 (October 24 1894)BirthBibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay, Bengali author (died in 1987)
October 24th, 1891 (October 24 1891)BirthRafael Molina-Trujillo, President of the Dominican Republic (died in 1961)
October 24th, 1887 (October 24 1887)BirthOctave Lapize, French cyclist (died in 1917)
October 24th, 1887 (October 24 1887)BirthVictoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain (died in 1969)
October 24th, 1882 (October 24 1882)BirthDame Sybil Thorndike, British actress (died in 1976)
October 24th, 1875 (October 24 1875)BirthKonstantin Yuon, Russian painter (died in 1958)
October 24th, 1872 (October 24 1872)BirthPeter O Connor, Irish athlete (died in 1957)
October 24th, 1868 (October 24 1868)BirthAlexandra David-Neel, French explorer and writer (died in 1969)
October 24th, 1861 (October 24 1861)EventThe First Transcontinental Telegraph line across the United States is completed, spelling the end for the 18-month-old Pony Express.
October 24th, 1857 (October 24 1857)EventSheffield F.C., the world s first football club, is founded in Sheffield, England.
October 24th, 1857 (October 24 1857)BirthNed Williamson, American baseball player (died in 1894)
October 24th, 1855 (October 24 1855)BirthJames S. Sherman, Vice President of the United States (died in 1912)
October 24th, 1854 (October 24 1854)BirthHendrik Willem Bakhuis Roozeboom, Dutch chemist (died in 1907)
October 24th, 1852 (October 24 1852)DeathDaniel Webster, American lawyer and politician (born in 1782)Daniel Webster Quotes
October 24th, 1821 (October 24 1821)DeathElias Boudinot, American President of the Continental Congress (born in 1740)
October 24th, 1812 (October 24 1812)EventNapoleonic Wars: The Battle of Maloyaroslavets takes place near Moscow.
October 24th, 1811 (October 24 1811)BirthFerdinand Hiller, German composer (died in 1885)
October 24th, 1804 (October 24 1804)BirthWilhelm Eduard Weber, German physicist (died in 1891)
October 24th, 1799 (October 24 1799)DeathKarl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Austrian composer (born in 1739)
October 24th, 1795 (October 24 1795)EventPartitions of Poland: The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is completely divided between Austria, Prussia and Russia
October 24th, 1788 (October 24 1788)BirthSarah Josepha Hale, American poet (died in 1879)
October 24th, 1763 (October 24 1763)BirthDorothea von Schlegel, German novelist (died in 1839)
October 24th, 1725 (October 24 1725)DeathAlessandro Scarlatti, Italian composer (born in 1660)
October 24th, 1710 (October 24 1710)BirthAlban Butler, English Catholic priest and writer (died in 1773)
October 24th, 1708 (October 24 1708)DeathKowa Seki, Japanese mathematician
October 24th, 1675 (October 24 1675)BirthRichard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham, English soldier and politician (died in 1749)
October 24th, 1672 (October 24 1672)DeathJohn Webb, English architect (born in 1611)
October 24th, 1669 (October 24 1669)DeathWilliam Prynne, English Puritan leader (born in 1600)
October 24th, 1655 (October 24 1655)DeathPierre Gassendi, French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist (born in 1592) Philo Quotes
October 24th, 1648 (October 24 1648)EventThe Peace of Westphalia is signed, marking the end of the Thirty Years War.
October 24th, 1632 (October 24 1632)BirthAnton van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch microbiologist (died in 1723)
October 24th, 1601 (October 24 1601)DeathTycho Brahe, Danish astronomer (born in 1546)
October 24th, 1593 (October 24 1593)EventAlleged teleportation of Gil Perez.
October 24th, 1572 (October 24 1572)DeathEdward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, English politician (bc. 1508)
October 24th, 1537 (October 24 1537)DeathJane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII of England Henry VIII of England Quotes
October 24th, 1378 (October 24 1378)BirthDavid Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, heir to the throne of Scotland (died in 1402)
October 24th, 1375 (October 24 1375)DeathKing Valdemar IV of Denmark (bc. 1320)
October 24th, 1360 (October 24 1360)EventThe Treaty of Bretigny is ratified at Calais, marking the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years War.
October 24th, 1260 (October 24 1260)EventThe spectacular Cathedral of Chartres is dedicated in the presence of King Louis IX of France; the cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Louis IX of France Quotes
October 24th, 1260 (October 24 1260)EventSaif ad-Din Qutuz, Mamluk sultan of Egypt, is assassinated by Baibars, who seizes power for himself.
October 24th, 1260 (October 24 1260)DeathSaif ad-Din Qutuz, Mamluk sultan of Egypt
October 24th, 0996 (October 24 0996)DeathKing Hugh Capet of France (born in 938)

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